KBF focus areas include Education & Professional Empowerment .

  • Welcome to aims and objectives

    Aims and Objects of the Society:
    1. To create an atmosphere of togetherness among Indian Muslims Minority in general and Kamsari Muslims in particular living all over the world.

    2. To encourage professional interaction amongst the Indian Muslim Professionals from all walks of life.

    3. To assist, build, organize schools, literacy centers, non formal educational centre, libraries, internet centers, news paper free reading rooms, literacy centers for children and youths and elderly people for effective implementation of literacy programs.

    4. To award scholarship and grant loans to talented but financially weak Muslim students pursuing higher education, professional or technical courses.

    5. Developing a non-profit educational institution with the sole purpose of providing access to quality education for the "Meritorious Underprivileged" children.

    6. To assist Muslim Professionals in India, in orientation, adjustment, and finding appropriate training and job opportunities.

    7. To facilitate professional and non-professional networking at all levels, through activities such as meetings, seminars, lectures, conventions and other gatherings.

    8. To hold dialogues, meetings, seminars, conference, and workshops of philosophers, and learned scholars for discussing academic, social, cultural and political concepts and promote universal brotherhood.

    9. Promote and work to maintain the peace and communal harmony in society.

    10. To launch LITERACY Programs for Children of weaker communities among Indian Muslims, Dalits, Tribals, Children of Widows and Widowers, Orphan Children, Drug addicted youths, Children who are destitute, blind and handicapped, Children of farmers, labour families & school drop outs, who left schooling due to socio economic issues and gender problems, Girl educations, Remedial education, Formal and non formal education.

    11. To take over any existing and / or establish and run an educational institution.

    12. To promote mass education for social and economical reform.

    13. Adopt innovative literacy strategies.

    14. To conduct awareness programs and promote activities for the eradication of casteism among Indian Muslims.

    15. To start, conduct, maintain and manage schools, colleges, libraries reading rooms, Hospital, Diagnostic Center etc.

    16. To give, financial assistance by way of providing scholarships books, uniforms, payments of fees and other expenses to help the deserving students to continue pursuance higher education.

    17. To establish, run, support and grant aid or other financial assistance to schools, colleges, To establish, maintain and run studentships, scholarships and render other kind of aid to students including supply of books, stipends, medals and other incentives to study, without any distinction as to caste, colour, race, creed or sex.

    18. To open and run self employment business training centers and other training centers for weaker sections and youths & women for public in general and Muslim minorities in particular.

    19. To provide free cost education & training to rural and urban students so as to develop a feeling of Self Dependency in them.

    20. To form an employment cell for providing guidance to jobseekers.

    21. To maintain a central information bureau on employment opportunities, exchange programmes, scholarships, graduate and undergraduate training opportunities as a service to members and others.

    22. To create a fund to render medical services to the needy and provide medical assistance to the needy members of the society by paying hospital charges, and /or cost of medicines and fees for doctors.

    23. To organize camps, for eye treatment, checkups for cancer, diabetes, tuberculosis and other diseases.

    24. To provide financial support for marriage of Muslim girls belonging to economically weaker families.

    25. To setup rural and agriculture development program.

    26. To provide self finance and promote self help group for providing service to poor farmers.

    27. To publish a news paper and setup news and other channels.

    28. Affiliating with international organisations like the UN, UNICEF on related initiatives.

    29. To establish close contacts with other organizations and extend full support in promoting welfare activities for the Muslim brethren.

    30. To promote such other educational or other charitable objectives as the members may think fit and proper in their absolute discretion and as hereafter provided irrespective of consideration of any caste, creed, community, religion, race or sex.

    31. To be a “Mercy unto Mankind” in the true example of our Prophet (SAW) by providing assistance in the form of clinics, relief work and rehabilitation whenever and wherever needed.

    32. To do and cause to do and perform all essential services and activities for the fulfillment and promotion of the aims, objectives and purposes of the aforesaid Forum and to raise and collect all the necessary and needed fund and facilities and supports in this regards.

Welcome to KBF

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    KBF has prepared an annual plan for this year 2015 and working committee has already started working on the plan. We appeal new volunteers to nominate for at least one project/activity where you think you can best contribute. We don't want to anyone of you and that is the reason we shall be following one volunteer-one task policy for this year.You n

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  • Kbf scholarship scheme launched


    To recognize, promote and assist poor students (boys and girls) belonging to Muslim Minority who cannot continue their education without financial support. 

    Scholarship will be admissible for expenditure on payment of School/College Fee, purchase of syllabus books, uniform, purchase of stationer

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    Kamsar-O-Bar Forum, a non profit welfare organization announces the formation of its Governing Council and election of its new office bearers for the 2nd term. The present term of three years of the current Governing Council came to an end on 31st of March 2013.

    KBF Governing Council is the highest executive body of KBF looking aft

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