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it is a non-profit organization based in Dildar Nagar,India.

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This is the first report to attempt to gather and aggregate data on contributions from the public to a wide variety of NGOs involved in humanitarian assistance.it has enabled us to lay the foundations for longer term monitoring and analysis of the money given by the public to NGOs for humanitarian assistance.However the data and methodology provide the basis for future analysis of trends. It is also a test year for the methodology. While every effort has been made to ensure that the data is as reliable as possible, there are still gaps. We hope the report is a significant improvement on previous ‘guesstimates’ but it is not yet comprehensive and there are a number of areas where it is very difficult to get comparable and accurate information. We are extremely grateful to the NGOs who provided information for this study. Although we attempted to use public sources wherever possible we often needed additional advice or data and appreciate all the help we were given. We would welcome any corrections to errors of fact or interpretation or suggestions for future analysis.


KBF is a Platform for all Muslim professionals, and willing volunteers to share their knowledge, intellect, experience and skills for the overall development of the Muslim Community and further empowering Muslims in the educational, social, political and economical front of life.

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